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    • I tend to hide my innermost feelings and thoughts, and present a “normal” face to the world. Sometimes it works quite well, but sometimes I’m hit by the reality of the fact that my son has gone, and nothing can alter that. I won’t move on, because that would mean leaving him behind, and that’s not going to happen.
      The pain of what occurred will always be there, but I try to recall all the wonderful times we had together.
      And sometimes the pain is not as ferocious.
      Thank you for caring.
      x πŸ’– x


      • You are so welcome, Melanie for any hopeful and helpful words I may impart.
        I have had 3 preschoolers I taught for a year who died due to developmental problems and one accidental drowning. My young friend I mentored, has a husband and children lost her baby (SID syndrome). . . Each time I am bereft and also worried about my own children and grandchildren.
        I cannot imagine nor fathom. . .
        I have had a switch in my schedule so longer days but at least three days off. I work Sun thru Wed and today is what I would do on Saturday. Blog and my Spring oil change.
        Hope the weather and as you said your precious time with your son continue to carry you forward, dear. Big Hugs! xo πŸ’πŸ’•

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