Message from a colleague



Sunday 23rd August

I have been looking through a number of messages on my phone recently, and came across this one from a colleague.
He had attended your funeral service, and wrote to me later that day.
(138 days ago now. It seems a lifetime since then.)

I will treasure his words.

“I found this morning very difficult, which is of course an awful thing to say as no-one could have felt pain like you and your family. What came across is that the wonderful life that Frank enjoyed – albeit far too short – was down to you and Gary and Luke. You are a wonderful example of a family unit and I am sure that there have been some hard times, and yet your love has remained so strong.

Frank is now free and flying with the angels – maybe on horseback, maybe with the dolphins or maybe helping those children that he used to support. Though I never knew him, his life and your relationship with him is an inspiration for all parents.

My wife and I will give our three an extra big cuddle tonight. I am telling you that not to make you feel worse, but you must know the clear relationship between you and Frank is an example for Mums and Dads everywhere. We will aspire to be parents like you!

Thank you for being so brave and sharing everything with us at the service this morning – of course it was difficult, but it was an honour to be there and to hear the readings and to join in the singing. And of course the sunshine did you proud as well! All of our love and prayers are with you and Frank.”

Such beautiful words for our Angel son.
We miss him so very much.
Each and every day there are reminders of what he meant to us.

We love you to the moon and back and all the world.
Night night sweetie pie.
Love you forever.



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  1. I agree with your colleague: Even just reading about the love your family has shared (and continues to share) has been an inspiration. In that way, Frank keeps love going even in the absence of his body on earth. Thank you so much for keeping him alive for all of us readers.

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