Search in your heart



Monday 24th August

“Search in your heart and you will find,
I am no more than one step behind.
I walk with you, but you don’t see,
But in your heart, you know it’s me.”

Sometimes I do think that you are walking along with us. I feel that you are there, as we talk about you, remembering how you would react to certain situations. Or we think about what you would say in response to various questions.

We are reminded of you daily as we look in the garden at your ever-growing sunflowers. They must be over nine feet tall by now. The flower heads haven’t yet opened, but it won’t be long. These are the seeds that you bought, telling everyone you were going to grow the biggest sunflower in the world, and they have really turned into giants. I so wish you could see them. Perhaps you can look down on them and smile.

Yes, you are still with us, in spirit, in my heart. But it makes me so very sad that you are not actually here in person.
I miss everything about you, and I always will.

Love you forever.
Beloved Angel son.



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