Your brother



Thursday 27th August

This morning your brother came up to see us, as he had a day off from work. He wanted to drive his old car to the garage to see if it was worth repairing, before selling it. We followed him, as his vehicle billowed out copious amounts of grey smoke, one stop light failed to work, and strange noises could be heard from under the bonnet.

Having deposited the car with the friendly garage mechanic, we went off to do some shopping, and stopped for our regular morning cappuccino. Your brother had an iced latte.

We then asked if he wanted to come with us, to visit you. I think he’s only been to the cemetery twice. (It’s not really his thing.)
And yes, he came to see you. He stood silently at your graveside. I do wonder what he was thinking. Remembering. Reminiscing. Recalling.


Australia 1991

We stayed for quite a while, talking to you. Telling you that your brother had come to see you. I wonder if you felt his presence close by? I do think he misses you. A lot.


Cornwall 2013

In the early evening, we went for a drink and a bite to eat with your brother and his girlfriend. We had a table upstairs overlooking the harbour.


The harbour this evening

They are off to Spain in October, then fly out to Thailand for seven weeks. They want us to join them in Spain for Christmas when they return. But we are unsure.
Our friends in America want us to go to the Keys for Christmas too. That is where we should have been last year, but it all was cancelled as you had started your chemotherapy treatment.
I just don’t know where we should go.

Anyway, we have all been thinking of you a lot today.

Miss you so very much.
Love you forever
Precious Angel son xxxx



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