Harbour Town



Wednesday 26th August

We have been visiting Hilton Head Island for a number years. It became a stopping off point for our return journey from Florida back to the top of South Carolina, and we fell in love with the place.

We used to stay on South Forest Beach at a wonderful resort, with a pool and huge stretches of white sands.

We loved to explore as well, and always drove out to Harbour Town to find somewhere new to eat, to marvel at the boats, to eat ice cream, and to climb to the top of the lighthouse.
(These pictures are from two years ago this week.)


Lighthouse and open air theatre


View from the top of the lighthouse


You and Dad at the top of the lighthouse


View from the top of the lighthouse

But, close by to where we parked the car, there was a terrific tree swing. Well, more like a swinging bench. You loved it. The gentle rocking motion, in the shade of the enormous tree.


You and Dad on the swing


You. Reading. Relaxing.

Happy times.
Family fun.
Simple things.
Harbour Town swing.


Harbour Town rocking chairs

We are going to so miss those happy, care free times on holiday with you.

Love you, my happy little Angel.



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