Every day



Wednesday 25th November

“Do I miss you?
Every day.”

After much deliberation of shall we, shan’t we, ummming and arrrrring, we decided to get away for a few days.
And so here we are, in Lisbon.

We left Exeter yesterday afternoon, and stayed overnight in an airport hotel in London.

We have come to visit with your brother and his girlfriend. He has wanted to see us for a long time now, and had pestered us into flying out for a few days.
His girlfriend lives in Spain, two hours East of Lisbon.
You would have liked to travel with us, never having been to Spain or Portugal before, and it is only a quick two hour flight from London.
But we have brought you here, with us, in our hearts forever.
And the Angel teddy bear came out with us tonight for tapas and a beer.


Angel teddy in Lisbon

I somehow feel guilty coming away without you, leaving you behind.
But you are with us, aren’t you?
And my sister will be visiting your resting place, tending the flowers for us, for you.


Your flowers today


Love you so very much my darling.


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  1. I’m sorry for your loss, and it would be really difficult, going places without that someone you loved so dearly, because s/he has died, but, you’ll always carry the memories of that person you’d lost inside your hearts wherever you go…

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