Miss you everyday



Thursday 26th November

Today was spent exploring the old city of Lisbon, and climbing to the top of Castelo di Sao Jorge. Spectacular views of the rooftops, churches and river beyond could be seen. It was an exceptionally clear, blue sky day, and much warmer than normal.

We took the little Angel teddy bear with us, so you could be there too. I think you would have liked to explore the castle. There was even a tour guide dressed up in a suit of armour complete with metal helmet.


Angel teddy on the battlements of the castle


Looking out across the city


Angel teddy at the Castelo de Sao Jorge


Inside the castle walls


On the battlements again


Peacocks in the castle grounds

After the exploration of the castle we took a tram ride around the city, through steep, narrow cobbled streets. We saw many restaurant and cafe tables on the pavements, sheltered with large parasols, tuk tuks weaving in and out of the traffic, and of course many tourists enjoying the unseasonably warm, sunny weather.


Lisbon tram


Tram coming down the cobbled street


Our morning libation, complete with ice cream

You would have loved the ice-cream ~ kiwi and rum raisin.

Late afternoon saw us leaving the city and heading east to your brother’s girlfriend’s house across the border in Spain. A wonderful sunset accompanied us, followed by the rising of the full moon.

I wish you could have been here with us too.
I miss your fun and cheekiness as we explore new places.
You would have loved the sights, sounds and smells of Lisbon.

Love you my Angel.
Sleep tight darling.


Your flowers today

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  1. I know the holidays are tough on those of us who lost loved ones, especially children. There aren’t any words that magically make it any better either, but I’ll try to give you a smile for Thanksgiving….

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  2. Beautiful! It’s so inspiring to see your family still exploring and living even after your devastating loss when you probably just feel like crumbling sometimes. And so beautiful that you remember and honor your son each step of the way with every breath you take, in everything you do. ❤ Hugs & love. ❤

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