How well you bounce



Wednesday 17th February

“Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb but how well you bounce.”               Tigger

In January 1992 we had a fabulous holiday to Forster, on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Staying in a holiday park, we spent days on the beach, swimming in the ocean, walking along the lake shores, visiting the fun fair, and having a go at fishing.

You, your brother and Dad had bought little fishing rods, and spent a morning baiting, casting and trying to catch ‘Jaws’. I can’t remember any fish being caught, but your brother did hook an octopus, and brought it to shore. Dad didn’t know what to do with it; the octopus was quite a large specimen. A number of onlookers became rather excited, and a bidding war began, between a couple of men, one of whom owned a restaurant.
I think your brother enjoyed his fishing that morning, being able to walk away a few dollars to the good, probably spending some in the afternoon at the fun fair.

At our holiday accommodation, you both made friends with other children on vacation, and had fun on the tennis courts, and the trampoline. You very much enjoyed getting rid of excess energy, bouncing away with your brother.

Such a happy, carefree time.
Are you up there, bouncing on the fluffy, white clouds? I bet they are great for jumping on, across, and through. I can just imagine your big grin, with arms and legs flying wildly in all directions.

Love you so much my darling.
Missing you always.
My bouncing little Tigger.



Forster, NSW, January 1992



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