Another alien blob



Thursday 25th February

I travelled to Exeter today with my husband, to have another alien blob, this time removed from my back.
At my previous dermatology appointment, the consultant spotted a suspect basal cell carcinoma.
Sounds dodgy, but not as bad as a melanoma.
The blob that was cut out was quite a sizeable chunk; it was put in a specimen pot, to be sent to the pathology lab.
I had a number of deep stitches, that will dissolve, six surface stitches, steri strips, and finally a bigger dressing.

In twelve days I’ll have the stitches out, and then in three to four weeks, the results. So I’ll have to wait patiently.

We’re staying overnight in the hotel where we would always stay with you.
So many memories….

We wish you were here with us.

It’s Thursday.
Fifty weeks ago today.
Three hundred and fifty days.

I miss you so much.
My darling Angel son.



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  1. Sending positive thoughts and hoping time passes quickly as you await results. Interesting I had a “cyst” removed from my back a few days ago – awaiting the same – but they said they are 99.9% sure it is nothing. Hoping the same for you!
    Thinking of you also on the 50 week mark of the most difficult day of your life ❤

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