There is no separation



Friday 18th March

“Goodbyes are only for those
Who love with their eyes.
Because for those who love
With heart and soul,
There is no separation.”
                 ~ Rumi

I do love you with my heart and soul
Trying to keep emotions under control.

There is no separation between us now
I will hold you close forever, somehow.

Always with me, always by my side
Endless protection I will try to provide.

So tightly wrapped within my being
It’s always you of whom I’m dreaming.

There’ll be no farewells or goodbyes
Tilt my head, smile, look up to the skies.

For up above is where I shall find you
Soaring through clouds and sky so blue.

Within my heart, you’re there as well
I feel you beating, my precious Angel.

Love you with all my heart and soul.


High tide in the harbour



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  1. It’s true, those words, when you keep someone you’d lost in your mind, you can still feel their presence in your life, and the memories of your lives together are e everywhere you look, but, keeping that someone you loved in your mind constantly may trap you in the sorrows of the loss of your loved ones…

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  2. Beautiful words expressing such deep love and emotion for your precious Son. May his heart continue to beat with yours, as I know you feel it. Bless you and your incredible strength. x x

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