Saturday 19th March

One of your favourite characters from the television, when you were young, was He-Man. You loved the cartoon series, collected so many of the action figures, books, videos and DVD’s.
A friend of Nan’s even knitted you a He-Man jumper for your birthday once.
I had also bought you some original animation cels from both the He-Man and She-Ra cartoon series.
Throughout your life you always came back to these characters; more often than not, there would be a well-thought out moral at the end of each episode, as good triumphed over evil.
You did however, identify with the ‘baddie’ at times: Skeletor, or Evil-Lynn, as was your wont to be oppositional.


Filmation. Mattel. Hallmark.

When we laid you to rest, it was with a flower covered pillow, holding He-Man’s sword, and the words ‘I have the power’.


Your He-Man sword

My little He-Man.
All the power in the world
Couldn’t save you.
But you were
My true hero.
Master of the Universe.
Hold aloft your sword
Shout out loud
‘I have the power’.
Love you forever.




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