Harbour front 


Monday 17th October

Walking along the harbour front

Thinking of you as I always do

The tide coming in over the sand

And a beautiful sky of azure blue.


Thoughts of you come to mind

How you would walk up and down

Along the pavement, across the wharf

Browsing the book shops in the town.


A simple and innocent way of life

No worries at all, completely carefree

Enjoying the fresh air, being outdoors

Shoes in the sand, watching the sea.


So, walking along thinking of you

Many memories come tumbling fast

Turning around, I think you’re there

Just like always, in those times past.


Missing our walks together

My darling Angel son

Loving you forever

Sweetheart, precious one.


Sunset over Man’s Head this evening

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  1. A beautiful walk indeed … and probably didn’t realize the Walktober celebration! 😉 …. While reading, I had mental images of pics you could place after each stanza …. and then you came through with pics at the end. Well done, Melanie!

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    • Such praise indeed, thank you Frank.
      Most kind, and very much appreciated.
      And no, I haven’t heard of Walktober before, but have just spent some time Googling it. We do try to walk 8000+ steps a day ~ I have a FitBit, and it certainly is motivating to get those steps in.
      Thank you again, Melanie x


      • You saw my Walktober post … and it’s linked to a fellow blogger who started her version of it. See the link at the beginning and end of my current post. Robin (the Walktober host) is wonderful … positive … feeds the soul … and shares her passion for nature and photography. Give her a visit. 🙂

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