Sunday 15th January

My Angel

My love

My son.


My tears

My pain

My heartbreak.


My memories

My photographs

My writings.


Your life

Your vitality

Your legacy.


Your soul

Your spirit

Your being.


Our hopes

Our dreams

Our future.


Love you

Miss you




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  1. So, so beautiful. Are you back home? Did you spend the entire holiday in the Keys? I’m assuming you fly out of Miami (?) How long is that flight? I wish I could better manage my discomfort with (fear of) flying..just the thought of a long overseas stretch makes my stomach flip.. what a baby, I know!! 😫

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    • Thank you.
      We’re safely back home, and yes, we did spend the whole time in the Keys.
      After all the pain and sorrow of the last couple of years, we just wanted somewhere to relax and recharge.
      This was our first American holiday since losing Frank, and it was difficult, full of so many memories.
      We had been going to America as a family for over twenty years; Frank and his brother both loved Orlando and the magic of all the theme parks.
      The Keys was the perfect place, with beautiful weather, and wonderful friends, to help us through our grief, and learn to smile and enjoy our days a little more.
      The flight was direct to Miami out of London, and took just under ten hours. It was smooth and comfortable, and although I have lymphoedema in my leg, I had no problems at all. I watched four excellent films, and the time passed really quickly. The return flight, overnight, was shorter in time, due to a tail wind, I only managed two films, but then listened to some music. I’m rarely able to sleep on flights.
      Flying nowadays does seem much more comfortable ~ try it, you just might find you like it 😊

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      • TEN HOURS!!!-😫 My last flight (last year) was 90 minutes and let me tell you, I was ready to get off..what a baby, i know. I take a xanax, but I really want something that makes me tired. I would love to fall asleep and just wake up hours later. (ten hours though…oh my gosh, you’d have to knock me out with a horse tranquilizer!) Anyway, we moved to the Keys after Hurricane Andrew hit Miami back in 92..well, about a year after that. Our neighborhood never fully recovered and I already wasn’t too fond of the place even BEFORE all that happened. We lived in Key Largo for a year and then moved down to Tavernier (Islamorada) We bought a boat and a little house on was fun but the schools weren’t that great. We ultimately ended up moving to Pittsburgh because of my husband’s work. (Now that was a real adjustment as you can imagine- HAHA) I am constantly amazed by your strength btw- your posts are heart wrenching, but so full of a mother’s love and dedication. I’m glad you were able to have a relaxing holiday.☀️


      • So sorry, I’ve just read your comments ~ it went into Spam ~ no idea why!
        We have to endure the long flights if we want to visit wonderful parts of the world. We have made many friends along the way, and love to catch up with them every year.
        And we do love Islamorada.
        Have a great week.
        Melanie x

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