Friday 20th January

Your heart beats in our hearts

Your memory touches many

Your star shines brightly

Your love reaches far

Your smile remains

Your story will be read

Your soul is a ray of light

Your name will always be spoken


Fly high Starman

Treasured Angel son


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  1. This is such a wonderful way to remember your son. I still have problems on October 9 every year, and it has been so many, many years now. My grandmother once told me, when one of my Uncles passed away, “No Mother should have to bury her child. It’s not supposed to work that way”. She was right, but we don’t get to make that choice or no one would ever leave us. ❤

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    • Thank you Angie.
      I have found writing down my thoughts, as well as journal type entries, helpful to seeing me through the pain.
      It is a way to try and remember as much as possible about my son.
      Take care, and hope your weekend is a good one.

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      • I’m beginning to write some of my thoughts down now, Melanie. Some of them I will post, others I write down to get it out of my system then destroy so it won’t hurt anyone who might see it lying around.
        I still have the empty feeling I got when I came home from giving birth to Jennifer and having her taken from me after only 17 hours. You don’t forget, you don’t “get over it” as so many people urge, but you find a way to get around it enough to go on with your life. I have so few memories of her, but I keep the memory of what I saw and heard while she spent such a short time with us. Some day I might write about it, but it sounds like fiction when you think about it, so I’m careful about talking about her. But some day….

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      • Jennifer will remain in your heart forever, as long as you speak her name; whether it’s silently or not, she will be remembered.
        And no, you never, ever get over it.
        Thinking of you xx

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      • Thanks. I know she will remain alive as long as I do, and probably as long as the living ones visit our graves. Her dad is buried next to her now and I’ll be there one day also.

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