Thank you


Saturday 18th February

Thank you for remembering my son

Thank you for saying his name

Please don’t think it’ll make me sad

Please don’t think it’ll cause me pain.


Please keep on mentioning him

Telling me all your recollections

He had so many adventures

Please keep him in your affections.


I really need you to speak his name

To acknowledge that he was once here

A massive part of all our lives

Leaving many memories so dear.


You can’t erase those thirty years

You won’t upset me by sharing stories

So shout his name loud and clear

Celebrate his life and all it’s glories.


My treasured Angel Frank

Love you so much

Missing you always


Low tide in the harbour

Bright and chilly

Beautiful blue sky

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  1. Sometimes the pain goes away
    sometimes it just lies there
    Making it impossible to move
    God I’ve been there
    And at times I wish life
    Didn’t give us that reminder
    But LIFE has this underbelly
    To which it will
    Expose itself to you
    As Sheldon Always

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  2. I’m still in therapy 48years later, and while I’ve learned to live with it and found a way around it, I still haven’t forgotten what it felt like to come home from that hospital with empty arms! The only thing that saved my sanity was Jennifer’s brother, 18 month old Mic, still cuddly and seemingly knowing I needed him in my arms right that moment! 😇

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    • No, you’ll never forget, will you?
      Just so pleased you had little Mic to give you purpose to carry on at that sad, and terrible time. You just call upon all the strength that you didn’t know you possessed.
      Take care.
      Melanie x

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    • My memories will never be suppressed either! I still have her first gasp of breath, the only one I heard before she was rushed out to the Intrusive Care Nursery. And I have one picture that somehow survived the pre-acid free storage methods we had back then! A Poloroid, at that, and I thank God for photo editing technology every day! That is the only way I was able to rescue that one photo!

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