Two o’clock this morning


Friday 24th February

Two o’clock this morning

I was suddenly awoken

Thought I heard voices

The sentences, broken.


Thought it was the neighbours

Talking in the street

Wish they could be quiet

And beat a hasty retreat.


Struggling out of bed

Drowsy, not quite with it

Lights and sounds downstairs

Television was on transmit.


I found Adele singing 

Setting fire to the rain

I had a little chuckle

And turned it off again.


I know I’d switched it off

Before I went to bed

So who was the cheeky monkey

Who turned it back on instead?


Was that you my darling?

Playing a trick on us

Turning on the television

Causing a bit of fuss.


No other explanation

Just you making your mark

Getting me up at night

To go stumbling in the dark.


Sweetheart Angel

Fly high Starman

Love you forever


High tide and sunny in the harbour

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