I try so hard 


Sunday 26th February

I try so hard to hide my sorrow

(You’re not supposed to cry)

Instead I speak of you everyday

And the memories intensify.


Remembering all your qualities

That made you so individual

Such a quirky personality

An enigma, a true original.


When you were born, the doctors said

“They broke the mould upon your birth”

You grew up into someone special

We loved you beyond all our worth.


And so it was, when you breathed your last

A massive veil of heartache descended

Obliterating our future plans

With broken lives that can’t be mended.


And so we try to pick up the pieces

A rollercoaster of love and grief

Some days are better than others

We just have to have a strong belief.


Truly grateful for those thirty years

To watch you develop and grow

Our dearest, darling Angel son

Love you more than you’ll ever know.



The surfers were out in force again today

Grey and mizzly

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  1. He is with you in a different way now, knowing all, seeing all and loving you as much as you love him. Separation is our price for living a life-first from our Creator and then each time we separate from someone we love it is painful anew. When my Mom passed I was two weeks from having my first son. She was the only person I ever felt really loved me or that I trusted. It was lonely raising children without her help. Once I began to see the messages from her all around me, I felt closer to her than before. She was no longer ill, no pain of her own, and we embraced in Spirit. I can imagine the pain of losing one of my children but have not been where you are. It is good that you don’t try to hide what you feel. Expression helps to heal. Hugs.

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