Eeeewwwww Part 2


Thursday 15th March


A CT, firstly

Then sigmoidoscopy

Now, “Oh whoopee”

A polypectomy

What can that be?

Will it hurt me?

Pain relief IV

But have to agree

To the tomography

Should be polyp free

Removed from my body

Need that cup of tea

Or glass of chablis

Perhaps a G and T

Hopefully I won’t be

A great big, crybaby


Thinking of you as always

Love you sweetheart

Precious Angel son


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  1. None of that is fun
    But it will be over now, done.
    You can have a cup of tea
    Of these nasties you’re now free.
    Tomorrow is a better day
    In your mind you slip away
    In your mind with your boy to stay.
    Hope all is well with you πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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    • Thank you so much.
      And no real pain; mostly the thought was worse than the procedure itself.
      Plus, I had ‘conscious sedation’ to keep me calm!
      x 😊 x


    • Hmmmm, sounds like a hungry tropical bird…
      It’s the removal of a ‘growth’ (that could be cancerous), from my lower bowel, using an electrical ‘snare’ and then cauterised.
      I also have three small metal clips holding the sides of the incision together.
      But needs must.
      Hope you are well.

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