I am not the same


Friday 16th March


Grief is universal

It’s experience

So very personal


Today I’m purposeful

And yet tomorrow

Totally irrational


Seemingly practical

But I’m really

Absolutely emotional


Sometimes sociable

Could be seen as

Quite unapproachable


It’s because I miss you my darling

Everything has changed

I am not the same


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  1. It can never be the same again for you, only you know exactly how you feel. I couldn’t possibly understand your pain, I had a miscarriage so long ago, it was the early stages, but it is so different for you. You carried and gave birth to your Son, you watched him grow you gave him love and support and he adored you, that is so obvious. Your pain is yours, every day must be so hard for you, memories everywhere. Your Son is there for you, no voice your hear or loving face you see, but he is there with you, inside you, still loving you. God Bless, my heart goes out to you.

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