Cloudy and grey


Saturday 10th November


Cloudy and grey

With a little rain

Off to explore

Driving out of Spain


A Portuguese town

Castle on the hill

Ancient buildings

Where time stands still


Homes in disrepair

Old dogs barking

A Shetland pony

Near the car parking


Stopping for a coffee

In the old town’s jail

Inside these walls

There’d be many a tale


Roads and pavements

Most buildings too

Are made of marble

And Queen Isabel’s statue


Lovely spending time

Amongst our family

Talking and laughing

Together so happily


And you were here too

Running everywhere

Exploring and wandering

Out in the fresh air


Love you poppet

Missing you like crazy

My dearest darling

Precious Angel baby



A very friendly Shetland pony

One third the height of Luke

Free to roam and eat the grass

Many derelict buildings

Roads leading to the castle

Through the old city gates

Quite windy and starting to rain

A facade without rooms and ceiling

Estremoz Castle, with a medieval tower made of marble

The old city square, with castle, church and chapel

Statue of the Queen Santa Isabel

Chapel entrance

Old road and walls made of marble

Seated in the 16th century jail

Bars on all the windows

Heavy metal door and keys to the jail

Walking back down to the car

The sun came out for our journey home

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