Tears in the heart



Friday 25th March

“There are many tears in the heart
That never reach the eyes.”

A local tradition on Good Friday, is to go to the Boating Pond, at the top of the town, and watch all the children, (and many parents), sail their model yachts.
Dad and I, along with my sister, decided to drive up there.
Today was a beautiful, sunny day, and many participants had turned out with various watercraft.
You would have enjoyed people watching, and wandering around the pond, in the fresh air.


The boating pond on Good Friday

Having spent some time watching the boats, we drove to a newly opened cafe/restaurant/micro brewery, at the top of the town, with spectacular views. Cappuccinos all round.
They served your favourite: chocolate brownies.


Blue skies and seas surrounding the town

We then drove back home, and went off for a walk, fascinated by all the holidaymakers enjoying the sunny, but not too warm, weather. It’s still March, but so many families were on the beach, and in the water, as if it was the height of summer.


A sunny corner of the harbour

The main surfing beach was fairly busy too, with the lifeguards now on duty, and the Surf School up and running.
I’m sure you would have walked along the beach, getting your shoes wet, full of sand and watching the waves.


Porthmeor Beach today


Bamaluz, looking towards Hayle

Just before we walked home, we stopped off in the church, and lit candles for you, and for your brother’s girlfriend’s mum.
It’s three hundred and seventy nine days since you went to heaven, my heart is still full of so much pain, but I try my hardest to keep the tears at bay, trying to keep them from my eyes.
I write your name in the book, asking for prayers to be said for you.


We light candles for you

I wish you had been with us today.
Missing you like crazy
Precious Angel baby.



Flowers in the late afternoon sun


Sun and rainbow prism, through the trees

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