Daily Archives: June 8, 2015

The harbour today


Monday 8th June

Although it has been very sunny today, the wind has been blowing from the north, cooling the early summer temperature. The sea has been whipped up, with white horses moving swiftly across the sparkling water.

You would have enjoyed walks around the harbour today, along with the many holidaymakers thronging the streets, pavements and beaches. You may have walked with us for a while, stopping at a café for a drink and cake, but then you would wander off on your own. You enjoyed people watching, or browsing in book stores, or walking on the sand, or listening to conversations. You probably would have been wearing your coat, with the hood up, to keep the wind from your ears.

But now there’s only two of us, and we can only wonder at what you might have done, or where your journeys may have taken you.

It is unbelievably lonely without you. You really don’t know what you have until it’s been taken away from you. Our lives were encompassed with yours. Totally. Everything we did, we did together.

Every morning would start out with the same questions. What are we doing today? Where are we going? What shall we buy? Where are you having coffee?
I really miss you coming in to our bedroom, saying “Mornin'”, and then wanting to know the agenda for the day. That was the way you liked it. You wanted to know the plan, what to expect; you liked a routine. All part of your autism.

And now, every morning is silent. And every morning I am saddened. I miss you terribly. Angel baby xx