Daily Archives: June 27, 2015

A quiet day


Saturday 27th June

Late morning, and we’re tending your graveside, renewing the flowers, watering the plants, and trimming the grass. We’ve been doing this daily, for eighty days now. It’s our way of keeping close to you, talking with you and trying to feel your spirit near to us.

Earlier I had bumped into someone who recognised me from school, (he was also a teacher, and I had taught his son), and he asked how I was, as he hadn’t seen me for a while. I found it hard to talk to him, explain about you, and not get upset. He was very kind and understanding though. But I left feeling sad.

It happened again this afternoon when we were out for a walk: a lady we both know just came up to us, and gave us both a hug. She said she was so used to seeing you walking around, you were always there, everyone loved you. She said she couldn’t imagine how we were feeling.

I know how I’m feeling. I’m hurting.

We love you so very much.