Daily Archives: June 26, 2015

A couple of appointments


Friday 26th June

This morning I have my annual appointment with a consultant dermatologist. A whole body examination to look for suspect moles ~ none found. (She doesn’t think the one on my arm looks dodgy at all ~ the one I’m due to have removed next week. Hey ho). Plus a check for any swollen glands ~ none of those either.

We talk about our elder son, and she expresses her shock and kind condolences. She remembers how we would talk about him, our travels, and the fun we used to have together. It was difficult to talk, and we felt sad. All over again. Explaining what has happened never gets any easier.

This afternoon I have an appointment with my lymphoedema nurse for a massage session on my left leg. This is most relaxing, and necessary to move the lymph fluid up, and away from my knee and thigh. As I no longer have lymph nodes at the top of my leg, I have these weekly massages to reduce the swelling. I still have to wear a ghastly support stocking though, but it certainly does it’s job. Alluring it is not.

Later in the day, once the rain has stopped, we come to the cemetery. The sky has cleared, and we watch for vapour trails of the aeroplanes overhead, imagining that you are being flown away on holiday. By now you would have been so excited, with only about a month to go before we flew off to America. But not this year. Not yet.

Night night sweetie pie.
Sweet dreams my Angel.
Love you forever.