Daily Archives: June 15, 2015

Graveside conversations


Monday 15th June

For quite some while now we have been pondering over one of your neighbours. You see, their cross is at the ‘other end’ of their grave. We did think it a little strange, even your brother thought it had sinister connotations.

Well, today the mystery has been solved. We struck up a conversation with a couple who had come to tend that grave. The man I spoke with was a vicar, and he explained the reasoning behind the placement of the wooden cross. We were told that the gentleman laid to rest was a priest, (his name was Freddy)

Almost all the bodies in the cemetery lie with their heads to the West, and feet to the East.

However, an ordained member of the clergy is traditionally buried in the opposite orientation. This is so that, on the Day of Judgement, at the Resurrection, they may rise, facing, ready to minister to their people.

So there we have it, nothing sinister at all. You are in good company.

We also learnt from the vicar that the area of the cemetery where you are, has been blessed by a Bishop, so that it is consecrated ground. Over the roadway, where many more graves are located, is the unconsecrated ground. I think you would have been pleased to be in the ‘posh’ place. You certainly did like your posh travels, upper class hotels, and first rate service on holidays.

The vicar wanted to know all about you, and your life. He was genuinely interested in all you had accomplished, your education, your travels, your hobbies.

I told the vicar that we visit you every day, sometimes just to be near you, or to talk with you. He told me that you would know we were close by, and that you could hear us. Your spirit is with us forever.

I felt comforted by the chat I had today with the vicar. He said whenever he visited Freddy, he would take the time to say ‘Hello’ to you as well.

Sweet dreams my darling Angel son.