Daily Archives: June 28, 2015

Sunday outing


Sunday 28th June

Our Sunday’s have gotten into a little routine ~ we collect my mum from the care home, meet up with my sister, and all go out for lunch and afternoon tea.

I was going to say, it was a family outing, but it’s not really, because you’re not there with us. You would always enjoy coming out for Sunday afternoon drives, stopping somewhere for a cake and lemonade, being able to walk outdoors and chat with Nan.

Now, all we can do is talk of you, about you, remembering you. Nan sometimes becomes tearful; she really does miss you, and it is hard for her.

Having said goodbyes to my mum and sister, we end the afternoon with you. At your graveside, talking to you, recounting the conversations we have had. Standing there, in the quiet solitude, just the two of us, we try to understand. But there are no answers.

We miss you.
It shouldn’t have ended this way.
And the tears fall.

Love you forever Angel son xxxx