Daily Archives: June 14, 2015

Sunny Sunday


Sunday 14th June

Late morning we drive over to collect my mum from the care home, take her to lunch and do a bit of shopping, meeting up with my sister, too.

As it is a warm, sunny day, we then go on to have afternoon tea at a lovely sculpture garden. My mum enjoys being outdoors, but her back is paining her, and she walks slowly, stooped, with a stick. There are many weird and wonderful plants on show, the succulents and cacti are really fascinating.

Late afternoon and we come to the cemetery to visit you. You would have enjoyed today, seeing your Nan and Auntie, and being out in the fresh air. You would have wandered all over the place, exploring the woodland paths.

We miss you so very much.
Every day.
Every waking moment.
Even whilst asleep.
In our dreams.
We miss you.

We talk about you all the time, as if somehow you are enjoying the same things that we do. As if you are walking beside us all the time.
You are in our hearts, in our minds, in our souls. Your spirit is with us always.

And yet.
Because we cannot see you, nor touch you.
We just miss you.

We love you so very much xxx