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Back to school



Monday 7th September

For quite some time, you had an assisted work placement at a children’s nursery. You loved putting on your ‘uniform’ of a turquoise t-shirt, and walking by yourself to the pre-school in the mornings, to set out the toys, books or play equipment.

You loved being with the group of young children. They were non-threatening, and you enjoyed being in their company. Despite having Asperger Syndrome, you were able to be one of the team, gain your First Aid qualification, along with the rest of the staff, and have a certain amount of responsibility for the youngsters.

Today would probably have been their ‘Back to school day.’

I wonder if they thought of you today?
I wonder if they miss you?

In a card from the school, they had this to say about you:

“As I’m sure you are aware, Frank helped out at the pre-school for a number of years and he really was one of the team.
Frank was always kind and patient with the children, without exception he demonstrated great empathy, particularly with children who were very shy or lacking in confidence.
Many of the children loved nothing more than settling down in the reading corner with Frank reading them a story or three.
We were extremely fond of Frank and we are going to miss him a great deal.”



You loved your ‘job’ there, and would often talk about your day looking after the children.

I’m sure they do miss you.
You meant something to everyone you met.
You made a big impact on so many people.
We all miss you so very much.

Have fun playing with the Angel children.
Soar high, sweetie pie.
Love you forever.