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Another dinner



Wednesday 2nd September

As your brother’s girlfriend is flying to Spain tomorrow to be with her mother, he phoned me earlier to see if we could all go out for dinner tonight. So it’s off to the Curry Garden for seven o’clock.

The meal was very good indeed. We spoke about all going to Spain together one day. We also talked of our previous holidays with you in Hong Kong, Chicago and Greece, and the good times we had.

We recalled traveling to the summit of the Peak in Hong Kong, and crossing the bay on the Star Ferry. We laughed at your brother when we remembered how upset he was when he couldn’t go on the rides at Ocean Park as he wasn’t tall enough, (he was only three years old then.) We reminded him of our trip to Stanley Market, where a man painted pictures on t-shirts for you both of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with your names below. You loved those.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990

We told your brother about your amazingly tall sunflowers and how they’re just about to open. We haven’t had brilliant sunny days, but the plants have certainly grown and grown. When they’re ready, we’ll pick the first ones and take them to you. Your “biggest ever sunflower in the world”. That’s what you wanted.

Anyway, we said goodnight to your brother and his girlfriend, and wished her a safe journey for tomorrow.

We wished you could have come out to dinner with us. We miss your place at the table.

Sending you so much love and kisses.
Thinking of you always.
Sweet dreams.
Angel xxxx



The first of your sunflowers.