Daily Archives: September 25, 2015

Time slips by



Friday 25th September

“Time slips by and life goes on,
but from our hearts
you’re never gone.
We think about you always,
we talk about you too,
We have so many memories
but we wish we still had you.”

I don’t know what it was today, but a memory of you came into my head.
You and dogs.
Growing up, you were terrified of dogs.
Whilst walking in the town, if a dog on a lead came towards you, you would choose to walk out in the road than actively stay on the pavement. I had to grab you quickly in case there was any traffic driving along. You would hide behind me, clutching onto my clothing. You really didn’t like the way dogs sometimes became over-excited, jumped up or noisily barked. You found that frightening and quite scary.

Slowly, though, as you grew older, you began to tolerate dogs; the ones belonging to your auntie and our next door neighbour’s. You might spend a while petting them, and you certainly didn’t run away from them anymore.

You did like the dog at the stables where you used to ride. In this photograph you look so peaceful and pensive. Not a care in the world, with no inkling of what was around the corner for you.


The dog from the stables

We love you so much.
We miss you every single day.
I’m sure the stable dog is missing you too.

Sending you kisses and cuddles.
Sweet Angel son xxxx