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On this day last year



Tuesday 15th September

It was a year ago today that you began a journey on the most awful rollercoaster. You were eventually to be given a diagnosis of testicular cancer, and the horrendous disease would take your life six months later.

You had complained of a pain ‘down there’: following a visit to the GP, you were referred to the hospital, where you spent almost all of this day at the A and E department in Torbay. An ultrasound scan confirmed a mass in your left testicle, and further appointments were made.

Little did we know then how serious this would turn out to be.

Would we have changed anything?
Would we have done things differently?
What could we have done to improve your chances?

In the back of my mind is always the niggling question of why you didn’t have a CT scan sooner. Following the biopsy, and then the removal of the testicle, we were told all was fine, and you came home with us.

It was not until late November it was discovered that you also had tumours in your brain and lungs. This was after we had almost demanded a scan be carried out, as you were having terrible headaches and vomiting.

Should we have insisted upon the CT scan directly after the orchidectomy?

If only……
I wish……
What if……

We miss you more than words can say.
We love you so very, very much.
Sending kisses to Heaven.
Beloved Angel son.