Daily Archives: September 16, 2015

So much to live for



Wednesday 16th September

You really did have so much to live for.

We thought you had beaten this disease, we were told the tumours were shrinking markedly.

We still had so much to do.

We were planning a trip to London to have afternoon tea at the Ritz. Something you had wanted to do, somewhere to dress up in your ‘posh’ black velvet jacket.

We had so many dreams still to fulfil.

To continue our travels far and wide, to find new theme parks, new experiences, to have fun, laugh, and make every day a happy one.

But no, it just was not to be.
For some unknown reason, you gained your Angel wings and left us with such heartbreak.

Marvellous memories, but utterly broken hearts.

Soar high, and smile, lovely boy.
We love you so dearly.
We miss you so much.
Angel son xxxx