Your memory lingers



Friday 11th September

“In our hearts your memory lingers,
Sweetly tender, fond and true,
There is not a day that goes by
That we do not think of you.”

We have dinner tonight with your brother, as it was his day off. We sit by the window, watching the boats bobbing around in the harbour as the rain lashes down onto the pavement. There are still many tourists around, so we were lucky to have the table at the front of the restaurant.

We talk of you fondly, remembering you would order nachos from the menu with a lemonade, or you may have had the Big Kahuna Burger, like your brother ordered, probably followed by a chocolate brownie. We do miss you so very much. Three around the table just does not seem right; four of us is what it should be. Mum, Dad and two boys.

But it is not to be.

You are with us in spirit, for sure.
All around us, forever more.

Miss you.
Love you.
Sweet Angel child xxxx




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