I’ll find a way



Friday 6th November

Although your home is now in heaven
And I can no longer feel your touch,
I know that you can hear me when
I tell you I’m missing you so much.

We bought you a little dreamcatcher
To twirl and dance and catch the light.
We placed it there, next to your horse
It says ‘Special son’ in copper bright.

I hope that when we do both dream
We are together, and no longer alone.
For deep in my soul, I have to believe
Your heart now beats within my own.

Tears fell down my cheeks today,
Gone are the times that we can share.
I look to the sky and make a wish
Knowing that you’ll always be there.

Waiting, for that first day after forever,
When I know I’ll see your smiling face.
I’ll hear your voice and laughter too
Together, eternally in a special place.

I love you sweetheart xxxx


Twisting and turning in the rays of the sun, My special son, my Angel, beloved one.



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