Easter Angel



Sunday 27th March

Happy Easter my precious Angel
So loved, so very much missed.
Now securely protected in my heart
That’s where you’ll forever exist.


Easter, 2006. Woodlands Adventure Park. Fun on the toboggan run.


Another toboggan run, this time in Australia, 1990


Merimbula's Magic Mountain, on the Sapphire Coast, NSW. You, me and your brother

I’m remembering you this Easter,
So many adventures, so much fun.
Sending chocolate eggs to heaven
Smiling with you on the toboggan run.

Love you forever
Missing you every day.





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  1. I’m going to ask in advance for some forgiveness here. I haven’t been commenting recently as I’ve been worried that to do so would encourage you to keep writing in the same vein when I worry that you’re torturing yourself. You’re not just missing your son, you’re constantly re-living it.
    I know you must miss him dreadfully and he obviously knows it too but must be worried about you too.
    I also worry about your other son, and whether you might not be pushing him away a bit with some of the things you say about his brother. Maybe it’s possible you could share some of his achievements with us and talk a little about those who still share your life (and your loss). You will never forget your lovely son and no-one knows hat more than me, but you must not put your life on hold because of his death. He will be with you in whatever you do and will always share that special bond.
    I ask this of you because I care enough to want to see bright pictures that contain you that will make both your children smile.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    • Oh my.
      Firstly, forgiveness granted.
      And thank you for your concerns.
      There is much to think about here: your words, observations, and suggestions.

      I’m not sure I’m ready yet, to finish writing about my elder son. I miss him every day, and I suppose I am re-living the unbelievable pain and sadness of his passing.

      My younger son knows of my despair, but not of what I write. He is in Spain at present, and we talk, text and share photos all the time.

      I have been wondering recently how long I can continue to write on a daily basis. How much more I can say. How many more memories I can share. How long the pain will continue.
      And the answer to all those, is that I will continue as long as I have something to say. Good, bad, happy, sad.
      I have found this process very therapeutic, and enjoy sharing memories.
      I love both my boys, always will.
      Maybe soon my writing direction will change, but for now………


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      • I love your posts too, but I do share the same thoughts as davidprosser with all the warmest intentions of your well-being. I’m glad you’ve found sharing therapeutic and I look forward to change in your writing direction one day when you are ready. I miss your son too when I read your posts. I miss everyone I’ve lost. It’s a nice reminder to never forget the special people in our lives and to honour them. I’d love to hear about your other son too. 🙂 All the best and big hugs.

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      • Thank you.
        I miss my son so very much.
        One day, when I’m ready, perhaps the pain won’t hurt as much as it still does now.
        I don’t know.
        It’s just something I have to do at the moment.

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