What shall we do today?


Monday 19th December

“What shall we do today?”

That’s what you’d always ask, every single morning, whether we were on holiday or not. You had to know what was being planned, where we were going: your itinerary.

So today I had a look on TripAdvisor, and the #1 place to visit in Marathon is the Turtle Hospital. I think you would have liked the guided tour of the various holding pools for rescued and rehabilitating turtles. Perhaps the one named Donatello would make you smile, as you did enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m sure you would have giggled at the strangely named ‘Bubble Butt Syndrome’, caused after a collision with a boat, when the back end of the turtle floats and will not submerge due to trapped air and nerve damage.

We saw many green turtles, from hatchlings to full sized ones, an enormous leatherback turtle, and a shy hawksbill. A great way to spend a morning, learning about the work of the hospital, conservation, rehabilitation and the environment in which these animals live. I think you would have approved.

From here we drove south to Bahia Honda state park and spent a couple of hours on the beach, and paddling in the water. It really was incredibly hot; many parts of the States may be freezing cold, being snowed upon, but here beneath the palm trees it was glorious. You would have been swimming, or exploring the foreshore, running back to us to report on the large green iguanas that you had seen. 

We hope you liked the places we went to today. You were with us in spirit I’m sure; at every twist and turn, on each corner, round every bend, you’re there.

Love you so much sweetheart.

Dearest Angel son.


A green turtle called Sam 

Thurston the green turtle

Bahia Honda, oceanside

Bahia Honda, bayside

Bahia Honda today. Seagrass, turnstones and blue skies

You and Dad, August 2013

August 2013 at Bahia Honda

You, having fun at the beach

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