Retail therapy


Tuesday 20th December

We were on the road to Miami early this morning for some retail therapy at the Dolphin Mall. You loved shopping here and would head off to the bookstores, toy shops and entertainment outlets, always checking back with us every so often, then meeting up at lunchtime at the food court. 

Yes, it did feel strange to walk about without you, not having to look over shoulders, or keep a beady eye open for you. Never becoming lost or feeling unsafe, you would be on a mission to buy something, anything, so that you had a new book to read, a film to watch or songs to listen to.

We do miss you, we can’t seem to stop thinking about you, and what you would do, or say, especially when we return to places where we all used to go as a family. I suppose that is normal, and won’t ever change. Yes there’ll be new places to explore, ones that you haven’t been to, but we do enjoy going back and revisiting locations that we shared with you.

Love you sweetheart

Hope you still enjoy retail therapy up in heaven

Precious Angel son. 


A sunny drive along the Overseas Highway this morning to Miami

Your Grinch came along for the ride too

Dusk as we drove back, with the sky reflected in the car’s bonnet

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