Sombrero Beach again


Wednesday 28th December

We started the day with another of your favourites ~ a trip to IHOP ~ you loved their pancakes, especially the apple, cinnamon, raisin and ice cream ones, liberally doused with lashings of maple syrup.

Following breakfast, your brother bought a fishing rod and we went to Sombrero Beach to test it out ~ unfortunately no fish were caught. However it was a lovely place to spend the afternoon, paddling, watching the boats and pelicans, and relaxing.

A large iguana met us as we were returning to the car, with a scaly back and large feet/claws, it certainly fascinated your brother and his girlfriend. 

Thinking of you

Missing you so much

Blowing kisses to heaven

Loving you forever

Darling Angel son.


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  1. Aaah. I have a special fondness for IHOP on account of how close Eugene’s IHOP was to its bus station. Each time I left for L.A., I’d eat pancakes with friends while waiting for my bus, so that it came to be … a treat for me, wherever it is. Li’l D and I go to one a few miles away sometimes. It’s a different location, but still the same feeling. ♥

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