Thursday 29th December

This afternoon we met up with a great group of friends whom we haven’t seen for two and a half years. Such wonderful, charming hosts who always look after us and welcome us into their home.

Upon arrival we all scrambled onto the dock to see a slow moving manatee swim sedately by. A wonderfully docile creature, blowing bubbles as it checked us out, enjoying some shade beneath the boards of the dock.

Some time later an unidentified species of shark snaked its way along in front of everyone. Jaws it wasn’t, but rather intimidating nonetheless.

As the sun went down the sky and water basked in a warm, golden glow, with reflections rippling across the glassy liquid.

Our friends really liked you and spoke of you most fondly, recalling past vacations, outings and meals with them. You would have enjoyed being there this afternoon, seeing the sea life, probably swinging on the hammock or splashing in the hot tub.

But you weren’t with us this afternoon: however, you were there, in spirit. You should have been there. I want you to be with us. It’s so strange without you. But so many people have so many wonderful memories of you, and we will continue to share these memories for as long as we can.

Missing you my darling.

Love you forever

Moon and back


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  1. Such lovely photographs. Don’t you love Manatees. We had over 200 of these gentle giants at Blue Springs state park last year. I have pics at my blog. Wishing you a continued fabulous getaway and a new year of renewal. xx

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