Happy birthday Hank


Saturday 4th February

Happy birthday to my father

A life well-lived and so fast-paced

He would be eighty five today

Always fun, never straight-laced.


And on World Cancer Day…………

My father ~ Pancreatic Cancer

My son ~ Testicular Cancer

Me ~ Metastatic Malignant Melanoma


Missing you my Angel father Hank

Missing you my Angel son Frank.


Hank and I. August 2008

Hank and Prince Charles

4.2.1932  –  5.10.2009

Remembering when we were in Scotland and HRH Prince Charles was taken on a two hour, supersonic flying sortie with Hank in a Phantom fighter-bomber. The flight included an air-to-air refuelling exercise with a Victor tanker, taking on 1200 gallons of fuel. They flew as high as 40,000 feet and as low as 1000 feet, making a pass over Balmoral, (reported at the time, as an ‘extrovert flourish’).

Hank and his three children ~ me, my sister and brother ~ early 70’s 

Hank and my mum. Receiving the bar to his AFC

Phantoms over Scotland

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  1. The word “dashing” was clearly created to describe men like your dad..😀 That first, fabulous picture of the two of you is awesome..He has a Hemingway look about him..just a truly great picture!- thanks for sharing.

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  2. Such precious memories of your father. You and I have have experienced the same profession, the same disease and the same clinical trial (hope all is going well for you). We now also share celebrating the same birth date of a loved one. In my case, it is a beloved niece born on February 4. I have been following your journey and from the other side of the world, you are in my prayers.

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    • Wow.
      Our journeys really are so similar.
      Have been wondering about you too, and how you’re getting along.
      Hope all is well?

      I’m at the beginning of Year 4 on the trial, and have my next set of appointments in May ~ so, crossing fingers, having good thoughts, and hoping all will be well.

      Our weather here is so cold and stormy at present, would swap some of that for your warmer temperatures ~ though hope it’s not too oppressive for you.

      Thank you so much for all your good wishes ~ sending love and hugs to you.


      • Have just had 48th month scans, bloods and dermo checks. Results are all clear, thank goodness. However, have noticed that since the trial the unexplained weight gain is difficult to control. Have spoken to a few other women our age on the trial, or who receive the meds on compassionate grounds (stage IV) about it and they have also encountered it. Hair has also greyed in a very quick period of time. However, am very grateful to have lived to see my daughter graduate from school and to see her commence tertiary education this morning. Am exceedingly grateful to be here today. Regarding weather, 35 degrees celsius with high humidity. Wish it would snow for just one day!

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      • So very pleased your results are looking good; sorry to hear about the weight gain and greying hair, but as you say, wonderful to see your daughter graduate and move on to college. Excellent.
        And yes, not sure I would enjoy such high humidity. It’s pouring with rain here and blowing a gale.
        Take care, and have a good week.


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