Tuesday 29th August


And so we come to the end of our two week stay in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Two weeks of doing nothing.

Nothing to worry about.

Nothing to stress over.

Nothing to think about.

No problems.

No concerns.

No fears.

And it has been so restful, recharging, relaxing and calming.


We missed you every single day

Love you my Angel

Treasured son


An early morning knock on our door ~ a delivery from our good friends ~ hello breakfast

A grey, quiet start to the morning

Clouds gathering this afternoon

But still pleasant to sit on the beach

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  1. That’s the good thing about going on a vacation for relaxing. We have those vacations also, for relaxing, not sightseeing. You can’t do anything if you think about that, might as well not to think about it. We had Krispy Kreme donut. It went crazy with a long line of cars for a while, but eventually, it went out of business because their donuts are smaller but more expensive.

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