Two and a half years


Tuesday 12th September


Two and a half years

Just so many tears

Loneliness and fears


Thirty months of grief

Utter disbelief

Your life, far too brief


Two years ago I posted this video to raise awareness of testicular cancer….

I love you so very much

I miss you every day

Precious Angel son

Fly free

Soar high


Miami downtown skyline in the distance

Trees down

Trees down

Yellow cabs, no-one to transport at the airport. We hope to fly this evening….

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    • Two and a half years seems like forever, and yet the memory is as clear as yesterday.
      Every morning is the same now; I wake up knowing he’s not there. And that will never change.
      x πŸ‘Ό x


  1. When people tell you that it gets easier with the passing of the years, but it really doesn’t, not until they’d experienced the losses to the extent you had already, will they finally know how it feels…but, eventually, your hearts will be ready to let go of the losses, and you’ll be able to, wake up to a brand new day after a very restful night of sleep…..

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  2. I am so sorry, dear heart. I am in Florida with my parents (north FL) and also rode out the Hurricane. All the destruction and news videos have made my sorrowful heart even more sorrowful. All I can think about when I see them is how hard it is to live with grief and pain. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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