Cabin fever 


Monday 11th September


We awake this morning to calm, warm skies. There is a limited choice available for breakfast, not surprising under the circumstances, and see that the maintenance staff are beginning their cleaning up process. The carpets and floor in the lobby are wet through in places, there are many trees and branches strewn across the grounds, and fencing panels and garbage cans have been blown over.

The television warns us that it is not safe to venture out, as there is still much flooding, trees block the roads, power lines are down, traffic lights are not working, and nearer the beach sand, seaweed and debris have gathered on top of the roads. 

But we have ‘cabin fever’, we are in need of fresh air, cooler air, as the a/c is still not functioning properly. We see that there is quite a lot of traffic on the expressway, so around eleven this morning, we take a short drive out, stop for a coffee at a garage, and look around at the damage caused by Irma. Many police officers are positioned at intersections, where the lights are not working, or blocking movement to the beaches. There is much clearing up going on, and still large areas of standing water.

We are grateful and so thankful that we have been kept safe and were able to remain in our hotel.

We miss you so much

Blowing kisses to heaven

Dearest, darling Angel son


Branches and fence paneling in the hotel grounds

A broken sliding gate

Hotel entrance driveway

Trees down

A van in the car park with its three back windows blown out

Shopping car park under water

Trees down on the main highway

Tonight’s golden sunset

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  1. I’m glad that you’re safe. When I found out that Hurricane Irma went east to Miami instead of west, I was worried about you. Good to hear that you’re safe. I guess just wait out. Yes, I’m sure there’s lots of clean up to do.

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