Faro walkabout


Wednesday 12th April

What a fabulously​ sunny, blue-sky day it has been.

We left the hotel about 10:30am, and spent seven hours walking around the marina, old town and cathedral. Shaded, cobbled streets were full of interesting shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

And then back again this evening to watch the sun set, see the sky turn pink and just generally chill out, sit back and people watch.

And of course Frankie Angel Bear came too.
Love you sweetheart


Santo Amaro Church, complete with massive nest and storks

Requisite selfie

I’m in Faro

Morning cappuccino

Inside the Old Town. Orange trees and cathedral

Inside Faro cathedral

Wonderful mosaics

Amazing gilt covered carvings


The Chapel of Bones

View from the tower, at the top of the cathedral

Orange trees line the road

The bells, the bells……

More bells

Looking over Faro

Cooling in the shade

Frankie Angel Bear in the cloisters

Another entrance to the Old Town

Arches through the arch

Beautifully cobbled streets

Shaded shopping

Tiles and mosaics everywhere

Frankie Angel Bear on Dad’s shoulder

The marina

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