Looking up



Friday 18th September

I do find myself looking up to the sky, imagining that you are up there, somewhere. Are you smiling back? Would love to think so.

Facebook gave me a reminder today of a photograph I had posted of you, from five years ago today. You are looking up at us, from the swimming pool below our hotel room in North Myrtle Beach.


Happy days.
Family fun.
Simple things.
Best times.

We have been out to dinner again with your brother tonight. (His girlfriend is still in Spain, with her mum, who began her chemotherapy treatment today.)
We talked about you.
A lot.
We all miss you so very much.
We told your brother about your wonderful sunflowers, and the amazing height to which they have grown.
Walking home, the sun had just set, and the sky was very clear, looking up we could see a pretty crescent moon, low in the sky to the west.


As I look up I think of you.
I know you’ve gone, but I hope your spirit can see us, can read our thoughts, and feel the love we have for you.

Missing you like crazy.
Sending so much love up to you.
Blowing kisses to Heaven.
Dearest Angel son xxxx



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  1. I do that when I think about my Hannah. I also have done it when I’ve been separated from people who are still here by distance, imagining they are looking at the same point in space and we can connect somehow. This made me tear up.

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