Feathers appear



Saturday 19th September

“Feathers appear
angels are near.”

I woke up this morning, pushed back the covers, and saw a little white feather threaded through the top sheet, just by my face.
I hadn’t seen it previously.
Yes, I know it probably worked its way out of the duvet or the pillow, but it was as if you were there to say ‘Good morning’ to me.

That was one thing you’d always do; come into our bedroom, say ‘Good morning’, followed by ‘What are we going to do, today?’
And I so miss that start to the day: your early morning greeting, with a kiss and a cuddle.

Do feathers signify the presence of Angels?
Are you my Guardian Angel, watching over me?
Were you there this morning?

Sweet little Angel of mine.
Love you so very much.
Beloved son xxxx



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