Broken hearts



Sunday 20th September

“We miss you more than anyone knows
As time goes by the emptiness grows.

We laugh. We talk. We play our part.
But behind our smiles are broken hearts.”

As soon as we step outside of the front door, a mask comes down over our faces. We are now different people from those which we portray in private.

Keeping emotions and feelings in check is hard. We don’t want to ‘break down’ in public, or be seen to be weak.

We do try and talk about you with smiles on our faces, but inside, beneath that mask, we are falling to bits.
Grief certainly is the price we pay for love.

Quite often, when we visit your graveside, that is when the tears fall, when no one else is around, where all is quite and peaceful. There, we can talk to you, ask you questions, remember and reminisce.

In our garden, watching your sunflowers grow is another place where we talk to you, wishing you could see those “tallest sunflowers in the world”. Tears flow here too, knowing that these flowers came from the seed packet you bought four days before you gained your Angel wings. I smile at the flowers, but inside my heart really is breaking. You should be standing next to me, looking up at the row of plants.

Our lives have changed so much.
We had thirty amazing years with you, and now it all seems massively empty.

We miss you sweetheart.
Remembering all the good times.
And there were so, so many.
We love you forever.


One of your sunflowers


Still growing, oh so tall



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  1. Melanie, I just read about 2 weeks of posts trying to catch up a bit. Some I had read already. Others I hadn’t.
    I think of you all the time. Knowing the struggles you both are going through.
    I am glad you and your husband are close and getting through this together. Love your stories about Frank. All of the photos of him. I love love all the flowers. Sending my love. Hugs. prayers. Love Sarah

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