Radio interview


Saturday 1st October

Well, today was a first for me, doing something I had not done before…..

I was interviewed by our local BBC radio station: raising awareness of testicular cancer, and promoting our charity event, taking place a week today.

I had set the alarm for 5:40am, we were out of the house by 6:30am, arriving within the hour at BBC Radio Cornwall, in Truro, just in time for a coffee, before going live on air.

The presenter was wonderful, had a great manner, and the ability to put one at ease in a caring but professional way.

I was there with another lady who had lost her son to meningitis; and we each told our stories, highlighting the need for knowledge and awareness of these dreadful diseases.

My part in the interview lasted for about four minutes, and I hope I did you proud my darling, talking about you, what you went through, and how our lives irrevocably changed.

On the way home, driving in the car, a small clip of my interview was on the main lunchtime news. It really was strange to hear my own voice, talking about our family. It was quite surreal, and little sad. 

I will have to download the whole of the breakfast show, (three hours), and edit out all but the important ten minutes worth. 

As we walked out of the studio, a bright rainbow was curved overhead. Was that you sweetie, letting me know you were with me? I would really like to think so. All of this was done because of you. I wish it wasn’t so, but I have to do something to honour your life, and keep raising awareness so that signs and symptoms are more easily talked about, and concerns are taken to the doctor or health professional.

Testicular Cancer is almost always curable if it is caught early enough.

Thinking of you so much.

Missing you every moment.

Love you to the moon and back.

Dearest darling Angel son.


Live in the BBC studio this morning

Through the studio window ~ photo taken by my husband ~ on the outside looking in

With the BBC breakfast presenter following our interview

The harbour looking pretty again this afternoon

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