Our charity event


Sunday 2nd October

Bought your tickets for Saturday?

Singers will sing, guitars will play.

Phone your friends, text that mate

Put it in your diary, save the date.

Four great charities, close to home

Just don’t stay in and be alone.

Have a fun night, dance and eat

So sing along, and tap those feet.

Superb entertainment just for you

Come along, you know you want to.

St. Ives Guildhall is where it’s at

Walk right in, on the welcome mat.

Two thirty, that’s when you can enter

Until eleven, it’ll cost you a tenner.


There is less than a week to go before our charity event. Four local families joining together to put on a feast of music, dance, comedy and delicious food. Each of the families has been affected in some way by a dreadful disease: testicular cancer, meningitis, brain and bowel cancer.

We hope the event will be a success, so that we can raise awareness and collect money for the four charities.

And all because of you, my darling.

Love you forever

Sweetheart Angel son


A panorama of the harbour this afternoon

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  1. Hi 😀 I’ve recently started a blog where I talk about my work experience, but mainly the experience I am currently gaining at a children’s charity called Tiny Tims that offer free treatments for young people with disabilities. I would really appreciate it if you could follow me 🙂

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