Molasses Reef


Sunday 3rd September


We took a glass bottom boat trip this afternoon out to Molasses Reef, off Key Largo. It was really quite warm, but wonderful in the shade on the top of the boat. Taking forty five minutes to reach the turquoise blue waters of the reef, we were lucky to see snapper, parrot and angel fish, tang, barracuda, ray, sergeant​ major fish, and a sea turtle. 

I remember when we went on a glass bottom boat trip with you, my darling, when we were on holiday in Tobago: you were chuffed to bits at the name of the operation ~ Frank’s Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

I wish you had been with us today

Love you sweetheart

Treasured Angel son


Grinch came along too…..

A nice Donzi….

A cool house…..

Turquoise blue ocean…..

A sea turtle….

In the shade….

Windy hair…..

Canals, houses and boats….

Almost back to where we started….

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